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Texas Poker Is One Of The Most Popular Styles Of Poker Playing Today

Texas poker is one of the most popular of all poker games to be played in regular and online casinos. A fan of the game myself
I have had the opportunity of playing in a variety of tournaments
and have even been fortunate enough to win a few times. If you have never played Texas Poker and are curious of how it is conducted
I will give you a brief explanation of the basics involved in the game.
Texas Poker – the beginning
Texas Poker begins with all players being dealt two cards face down. This is followed by a round of betting
and then the Texas Poker dealer will discard the top card from the deck
and proceed to draw the following three cards
placing them face up on the table. Players will then face another round of betting
before the dealer discards one more card from the deck
and places one more face up. Another round of betting follows (usually more intense betting)
and then the dealer will discard one last card
before placing the fifth and final card face up on the table. The players left in the Texas Poker game
now have the option of using all five cards on the table
or any three in conjunction with their own two
when making their final wager before the game is complete.
Texas Poker – a nice trick
I have found that the trick to playing any poker game is that it is important to not only know the rules
but to know when it is a good time to call
raise or fold. For Texas Poker
you have the option of using the face up cards with your two hidden cards. Therefore
a lot of bluffing is bound to go on. If you are particularly skilled with this trick
it could be your winning card
but if you are like me
you will soon discover that sometimes folding can be your best option.
Give Texas Poker a try today you wont regret playing it!